Drying Technology

The PoulDry drying tunnel is designed to dry poultry manure, but is also perfectly suitable for drying other substances such as digestate, potato wedges or woodchips. The PoulDry consists of 2, 4 or 6 tiers. Its industrial quality is shown by the powder coated perforated steel plates, connected to an industrial transport chain. The chain is driven by motors with a planetary gear transmission.

The product is evenly spread on the top layer with a switching distribution belt. When the product reaches the far end of the tunnel, the plates tilt and the product is automatically dropped on the plates of the underlying level. The product then moves in opposite direction and is dried further. The air from the poultry house, or heated outside air, is forced by high pressure fans through the perforated plates (35% perforated)

After the product is transported over the lowest level, the dried product is removed from the tunnel with a screw conveyor. A scraper system under the tunnel removes the dust accumulated on the floor. These fine particles are also scraped into the screw conveyor and removed with the dried product.