Silo weighing

Load cells under the silo legs give a signal to the Sirius SWS computer, which shows in the display the actual silo weight and feed consumption data.


  • Mechanical weigher (type D) , with pulse emitter for registration , connected to a DRE counter or simple computer control.
  • Electronic weigher (type H), with weighing and mixing features , controlled by external controller (Sirius or Orion)

Central mix weigher

Fully computer controlled installation with central weigher on weighing bars suitable for automatic feeding of complete pig farms.

  • Computer controlled outlets 50-60-75-90-125 mm for reliable feed transport to the right feeding place.
  • Automatic registration and combined feed/water intake data
  • Easy to manage
  • Service and training on location optionally available
  • Remote control with PC , mobile telephone or smartphone
  • Special PC software for management report generation
  • Electric switchboard for fast and easy installation

Pig weighing and sow group housing

  • Monitoring growth ratio of your pigs, with the mobile pig weighing platform.
  • Fixed weighing and sorting stations for large groups of finishers or sows
  • Special sow feeding station with electronic pig detectionin group housing
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