VDL Dispensers further developed

VDL Dispensers further developed

10 April 2020

The VDL dispensers have been known for their unrivaled accuracy and excellent quality for decades. Features that still apply to our updated dispensers.

Click here for the explanation of Mari Beniers, Product Manager VDL Agrotech.

What's new?

  • New content 4.5 and 6.5 liter
    The dispenser is available in 4.5 literband 6.5 liter size.

  • Large opening with lockable cap
    The large opening makes it easier to add additives to the feed in the dispenser or to simplify cleaning.

  • Stainless steel adjustment cable
    The renewed dispenser is equipped with a stainless steel adjustment cable, an even more durable solution for the system.

  • Long, slim design
    The advantage of these dispensers is the long slim design, with a very accurate scale and the easy light, central operation.

  • Rotating knob adjustment
    The rotating knob adjustment makes it very easy to adjust the dispenser accurately. The dispenser is always completely filled from the top. Each dispenser has an exact content.

  • Discharge valve
    The big advantage of a VDL dispenser is that it opens with a discharge valve instead of a cable operated ball. A ball means more resistance and higher force is needed to open. The ball may linger, so that dispenser can remain open undesirably. The operation of a discharge valve is very light and it always closes.

Together with our VDL600 tube feeding system, we offer very reliable and sustainable feeding systems for all types of pig farms.