Manure Drying

The VDL PoulDry is originally developed for drying poultry manure. For drying the manure, a source of energy is required to create warm dry air. Many of the drying tunnels that VDL placed use the air from the poultry house to dry the manure. So basically they dry the manure with the heat that is generated by the birds. This way, a lot of energy can be saved and a nice and dry product can be created.  

Dry manure offers a lot of advantages. It can be easily stored, the ammonia emission is reduced, the weight is reduced substantially so transport costs are lower and the manure is more valuable as a fertilizer. Furthermore, the PoulDry drying tunnel reduces the fine dust emissions that are harmful to humans health with 55%.

The dried manure is usually stored, pelletized or directly used as fertilizer.

How the PoulDry works