First fully automated EU broiler breeder farm in the Philippines
Prime Agritech • Philippines

Our dealer Prime Agritech has realized an impressive broiler breeder project for ML Tuddao Poultry in Isabela, the second largest province in the Philippines. It is an 18 hectare broiler breeder farm with 5 tunnel ventilated  prefabricated buildings produced and installed by Prime Agritech and all supplied with VDL equipment. The size of each broiler breeder houses is 14,65 x 137 meter (all in / all out).


Silos with Flex augersystem

Automatic feeding systems ensure the supply of feed form the central silo to the broiler breeder house. Each house has one silo for the female feed and one silo for the male feed. The silos are provided with a Flex augersystem to distribute the feed from the silo to an electronic  weigher. The registration of the feed is computer controlled. Two different feed curves are programmed to weigh-in different portions of daily feed for the males and the females, these are send directly to each hopper via the electric outlet valve which are placed above each hopper.

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Feeding and drinking

The females are fed by the Chainovation chainfeeding system. The entire system is suspended with an electric winch. The males are fed by the patented Matrix male feeding system, ensuring better uniformity and hatchability. Two side-lines are installed and the system is winched up by an electric winch, automatically controlled by a special control panel.

A drinking nipple system with drip cups has been installed for the drinking water supply. The I-Classic drinking nipples have a very high accuracy in terms of water delivery, so the drinking nipples always give the optimal water quantity. All nipples are made entirely of high-quality stainless steel.

The management parameters of the feeding and drinking are all registered by the computer.

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Layer nests

The EggXcellent layernests are installed with a capacity of 221 birds per nest. The design realizes the lowest % floor eggs. The nest shows easy and fast egg collection without risks of damaging eggs. The egg belt is equipped with a variable speed drive unit to optimize the egg collection performance or the transport to a central packer.

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Climate control

The climate is controlled by a computer, which controls the ventilation, heating and cooling of the buildings in combination with thermostats, sensors and an alarm system.

For this project tunnel ventilation was chosen due to the tropical climate. Air enters the house trough big tunnel inlets covered by curtains and operated by a central winch. The air leaves the house through the cone fans. This makes it possible to blow the air through the house at high airspeed during very hot days. The high speed creates a wind chill effect so that the birds experience a pleasant temperature.

The buildings will be heated by an infrared heating system. The temperature in the house will be controlled by the Orion Management computer.

Pad cooling systems improve the living conditions in the poultry house by offering excellent functionality to keep the animals in their comfort zone and prevent heat stress. The animals feel comfortable, even at full occupancy and with extremely high outdoor temperatures.

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We thank Prime Agritech for sharing the story and the photos!

Christophe Clain’s, producer of  free-range eggs and supplier of “La Ferme du Chemin d’eau”(commercial franchise “Mâtines”) on the beautiful island of Réunion, opted in 2017 for VDL Agrotech equipment for the free-range layer farm of 16 x 72 meters.


The building, with natural light and ventilation, offers housing to 8100 layers and is built on a surface of 4 hectares. The free-range layers are lucky, as they have a view of “Le Grand Blue”, the Indian Ocean and more importantly, the living space meets all legal requirements regarding animal welfare.


Christophe opted for Chainovation, the VDL chain feeding system, to feed the layers. This feeding system is made of high quality, durable material with an A-frame system which includes 3 perch tubes, resulting in a 17 cm of perching space per bird. This system complies perfectly with the European directives regarding the production of free-range eggs.


The complete feeding system, the A-frame system with 3 perches and chain feeding system, is fully automatic winchable. This offers several advantages:

  • It is labor-saving as the A-frames don’t have to be removed manually when cleaning the house
  • Cleaning and disinfection is much easier as the equipment can be winched to the ideal height
  • Less maintenance, as there is reduced risk of breakdown or technical failures since there is no need for disassembly or reassembly

Another technical advantage of the A-frames of VDL Agrotech is that the trough level can be adjusted in the A-frame support. For instance when the hens transfer from the rearing- to production house, the troughs can be set in the lowest position to make it easier for the hens to find the feed.


“After 2 years of experience, I am still very satisfied with my choice. The support and advice of VDL Agrotech during installation and commissioning was great. The results are excellent, the equipment is reliable, cleaning is less time consuming and the automation meets my needs. VDL Agrotech's expertise and years of experience have paid off”, says Christophe Clain.

Location: Kaisiadorys
Owner: Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas

This complex can be considered one of the most modern of its kind in Europe, and is absolutely unique in the Baltic States. It was built in accordance to the latest breeding standards, and is equipped with the latest technological developments such as computer controlled automatic feeding with daily tube winching, the Matrix male feeding system and automatic separate flushing of the drinking lines.

The complex with its 5 houses, central feed kitchen, administrative unit and central egg collection area provides place for 60.000 broiler breeders.

Al Bayyad Farms

Location: Al Kharj Area Riyadh
Owner: Sheikh Ibrahim Al Sunayyan
Capacity: 30 Broiler Breeder Houses and 8 Layer Breeder Houses

Al Bayyad Farms Project is a Project of total 30 Broiler Breeder Houses and 8 Layer Breeder Houses of 100mX14m each All in All Out system. It is equipped with VDL Agrotech Silos, Flex Auger, Chain Feeding, Nipple Drinking and Diesel heating Systems including all control devices. It is situated at Al Kharj Area 150 Km from Riyadh.

The first phase of 8 Broiler Breeder Houses was Built, installed and commissioned on the 20th of January 2014. The total capacity of the first 8 Houses is 61600 Females and 10% males.

LLC Umid

Location: Tashkent Region
Owner: LLC Umid
Capacity: 18.000 Broiler Breeders & 105.000 Broilers

Country: Vietnam
Location:  Bao Loc
Capacity: Approx. 50.000 broiler breeders

The project site has 2 zones as follow:
1 zone with 2 rearing houses dimensions 115 x 14 m
2 zone with 3 production houses dimensions 115 x 14 m

Design and delivery of total set of poultry equipment by VDL Agrotech in close cooperation with project support from De Heus the Netherlands and Belgabroed Belgium.

The houses are closed houses with automatic controlled forced ventilation/cooling systems and can be monitored from a distance by Internet Connection.

Special designed so called Venturi air inlets to have an easy and also efficient control of the minimum ventilation together with an Orion climate computer system.

Chainovation feeding systems assure an equal and fast feed distribution in both rearing and parentstock houses.

Location: Turku
Capacity: 12.000 birds/ 1.200 males

Recently VDL Agrotech supplied the first broiler breeder houses in Finland, equipped with our new Matrix male feeding system. This first project consists of 2 houses with in total 12000 hens and 1200 males, located in the surroundings of Turku.

These houses have heating tubes at the wall. In the 2 houses there is limited space between the walls and the other feeding systems. That's why a feed trough for the males, mounted against the wall, is the only feeding solution. Matrix is adviced as the best option.

Location: Someren
Owner: Twan and Jeroen Engelen
Capacity: 7 houses, total 110.000 breeder parentstock

This project has been supplied and installed through our dealer Sleegers Farm Equipment. 7 houses at a new site, Dellerweg, Someren, The Netherlands (August 2012). 5 houses at De Hoof. Total 110.000 breeder parentstock on these two sites. This farm is a visiting adress for VDL-Agrotech customers, we can show electrically winched (both cable- and tube) chainfeedingsystems Chainovation, Matrix and Rotrafeed scratchfeeding. Both farms are state of the art with a maximum attention to animal wellfare and health, aswell as a sustainable production by using solarpanels, heatexchangers, reduction of finedust and ammonia and smell.

Location: Dhaka region
Capacity: 96.000 Breeders

VDL Agrotech supplied 6 complete breeder houses for this project. This project includes 6 production areas which are divided over 3 sheds each shed is constructed as double story building. The houses measure 128 x 15.2 meter and each shed has a capacity of 11.500 birds. Due to the climatic condition in Bangladesh, the combination of tunnel- and natural ventilation was the most appropriate. By winching the sidewall curtains down, there is a natural ventilation process created. When temperatures rise, the ventilation process is switched to tunnel mode. In this mode, the incoming air will be cooled by the U-shaped padcooling system and creates a wind-chill effect for the birds. Through the end gable fens, the air is blown out of the house.

Location: Tlemcen