Nipple drinking

The main purpose of the drinking systems is the supply of clean drinking water to your poultry. Of the many advantages of a nipple drinking system, below listed are the main features:

  • Better hygiene
  • Better control of water temperature
  • Minimum of water spillage; The drinking system is easy to clean, and flush by means of incorporated manual or optionally automatic flushing system.
  • Easy access for birds to the drinking water
  • Optimal dosing of medication or other additives to the drinking water
  • Better control of litter quality (dry)
  • Lower humidity and less ammonia in the poultry house

From the water control panel, the water is directed to the pressure reducer. The pressure reducer reduces the water pressure to a level which ensures optimal waterdelivery from the nipples. This pressure can be adjusted and checked from the transparant vent tube. Birds will drink the water from the nipple and any water spilled will be captured in the dripcup. The height of the drinking line can be adjusted by the central winch.

The drinking nipples are a number of nipples per section depending on type of poultry and a number of drinking lines are mounted in a 3,03 meter long square shaped thick wall pvc tube.

The nipple tube is connected with a special bracket to the support conduit or aluminium profile. In floorhouses, drinking systems are suspended from the roof with a winching system. A suspension point is mounted every 3 meter.

The nipple drinking systems are available in different models for broilers, layers, rearing pullets, breeders and free range birds. Drinking systems designed to be used in different housing systems.


  • Start or midline pressure regulators
  • Endset with flushing system
  • Nipple line sections of 3,03 mtr, with galvanised conduit or aluminium support profile
  • Anti-perch set with wire