Chainovation chain feeding system

The Chainovation chain feeding system can be used for a wide range of applications, enabling the most effective set-up for every type of poultry house (breeders rearing, production and layers).

The Chainovation chain feeding system, developed in cooperation with breeding associations, is an extremely reliable system. Feed can be distributed at various speeds (max. 3000 kg/hour) through the feed trough, giving all the birds almost simultaneous access to the feed. This reduces stress inside the poultry house and promotes animal welfare and animal health.

Efficient, sustainable and maintenance-friendly

7-position feed level regulator to control the outgoing feed quantity

Prevention of selective feeding behaviour

Minimal feed spillage

Better control and selection possibilities

Supported and winched systems available

Quick and easy installation

The high quality durable VDL feed transport chain constantly mixes the feed ingredients, stimulates the feed intake and prevents selective eating. The chainfeeding system is available both supported and suspended.

As Chainovation is a modular system, we can offer the right feed solution for every situation.

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