Matrix male feeding system

The Matrix male feeding system is a unique and patented system, developed to optimize the uniformity of the males, positively influencing fertility and creating optimal rest in the production house during feeding.

The Matrix system is perceived by many breeding organizations as the most efficient and accurate feeding system for males. Males eat side by side, simplifying control and selection possibilities. The males have access to an equal portion of feed at the same time, over the complete length of the feed line. The feed quantity can be accurately set with the 10-position feed level regulator. This prevents dominant behaviour and ensures more rest in the house and among the animals. Because the males eat from a trough, the feeding time takes longer, which result in the males eating calmer.

The Matrix, side and/or centre line, takes up less space than traditional pan feeding systems, so there is more production space available for both females and males.

  • Simultaneous and uniform feeding time
  • Equal portions feed for all males
  • Less stress for males and females
  • Better control and selection possibilities during feeding
  • Improved animal welfare and performance
  • Optimum use of genetic potential
  • Floor space efficient
  • Easy management and labour saving


The Matrix is the best solution available for feeding males. If you prefer pan feeding, check out our Gallox male pan feeding line.

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