Male feeding

Matrix trough feeding system

After the successful introduction in 2012 the Matrix has become the most recommended male feeding system for broiler breeders worldwide. The Matrix is equipped with telescopic dispensers. Uniform and accurate feed distribution of all types of feed (mesh, meal, pellets) is simple and reliable with the dispensers.

Feed level adjustment is easy by adjusting the 10 position level regulators. The suspension has been simplified using only 1 winch for both the feeder tubes and the feed trough. The new generation Matrix continues the excellent results achieved with the previous Matrix, the enhanced user friendliness makes the system accessible to all breeder farmers.

  • Less stress among birds, males eat side by side
  • Simultaneous access to feed for all males
  • Easy feed access for all males allows more time to consume the feed
  • Better control and selection possibilities during feeding
  • Less space required compared to male panfeeding systems
  • Centrally adjustable feed dosage
  • Feedtrough closed during feed dosing, so males have no access to feed during filling process
  • All feed distributed in the feed troughs before feeding starts
  • Efficient and user-friendly operation with single automatic cable or tube winching system
  • Feedthrough optionally available with abrasive bottom for natural beak trimming

Panfeeding system with Special pan

  • Available in straight lines with tubes ø45mm and feed distribution via triangular holes for optimal feed distribution
  • Solid and high rotation drive unit, including motor protection switch and electronic level sensor in control pan
  • Special II feed pans without grill for better access, prevents comb injuries to mature males
  • Feed level adjuster available with or without divider lamellae
  • Design of the feedpan minimizes feed spillage
  • Fixation to the feeding tube with fixation clamps or anti swing clamps
  • Feedpans made of high quality, wear resistant material
  • Easy cleaning, cone can be removed