VDL Agrotech developed the Rotra mini spinfeeder to distribute small portions of feed in the scratch and litter area of poultry houses. Aimed at improving wellfare by stimulating natural behaviour, resulting in better technical performance. The Rotra mini spinfeeders are made of durable material, including a stainless steel rotating disc, galvanised steel frame and synthetic outlet with feedstorage tube.

The Reflex is a new spinfeeder developed by VDL Agrotech for rearing of broiler breeder parent and grandparent stock. (males and females).The Reflex spinfeeder enables you to operate on highly accurate restricted feeding from age 2 weeks to the end of the rearing period. The unique design spinning disc, speed adjustable with a frequency controller, spreads the feed evenly over an area of 7 - up to 25 meters diameter. The Reflex is available supported with a rollaway support or suspended.

Downloads - Rotra
Downlods - Reflex

Downloads - Reflex