Infrared brooders

  • Radiation heating directly at the animal
  • Ideal for first days when the day old chicks have to find their own comfort temperature
  • Less energy losses by ceiling and walls
  • Several capacities 5-12 kw
  • High-low and modular control
  • Easy to clean, high quality filter
  • Safe by thermo contact

Direct fired heaters

  • Suitable for natural gas, liquid propane gas and diesel.
  • Fully automatic with burner control unit
  • Heating and mixing contact
  • Continues control of combustion quality for safe operation
  • Special models with separate air intake and exhaust, lower ventilation ratios and lower CO2 and H2O% in the house
  • Including mounting set with suspension, hose and valve

Hot water heater

unit consists of of a high efficiency heat exchanger, axial fan and a unique designed distribution device. Hot water is supplied from an external boiler and passes the heat exchanger radiator). The fan sucks the air from inside the building through the radiator and pushes the warm air equally through the 6 air outlets in a horizontal flow over the birds. The amount of air and the directions can be adjusted by the flaps inside each air outlet.


  • No CO2 production
  • Perfect distribution of the heat (≤ 0,5oC)
  • Dry litter, less leg problems
  • Reduction of Ammonia
  • Less energy costs
  • Nonhazardous, no open flame
  • Improvement of animal health
  • Less ventilation needed
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable ABS material
  • 17 to 110 kW units available
  • Possible to use as cooling
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