Feeding computers

Accurate feeding is important to keep the feed costs on your farm as low as possible. VDL offers several systems:

  • Registration during adlib feeding
  • Exact dosing for restricted feeding
  • Special blending on the farm is possible
  • Accurate dosing on the farm is possible

Single phase feeding (1 feed, volume dosing)

The Unitron/Unifeed computer controls the whole feeding process. With free adjustable starting times the dispensers and/or feed troughs are filled until the end sensor is reached. Dispensers can be opened automatically.

More phase feeding (2 or more feed, volume dosing)

With additional auger controls the Unifeed computer is able to feed different feeds after each other. Feed type depends on animal type or age.

Multi phase feeding (exact feeding blends)

A blend is made in a central weigher which is mounted on load cells. The blend is specially made per animal or group. The feed computer will transport the exact amount to the feed trough very accurately.

Silo weighing

The feed bin legs are mounted on load cells, these give a signal to a Sirius SWS computer. On the computer is displayed the actual weight, feed intake today et cetera.

  • Computer controlled feed valves 50-60-75-90-125 mm for a reliable feed transport
  • Easy to operate: the animal and the farmer are playing a key role
  • Service and local training by VDL Agrotech
  • Remote control from central office or mobile devices (smartphone/tablet pc) possible
  • Special PC software to generate farm overviews and reports
  • Control panel (switch board) for easy installation on the farm
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