• Silos available in ø1.8m, ø2.1m, ø2.75m en ø3.2m and capacities upto 30 metric ton
  • Silo filling either mechanic or pneumatic, or both
  • Pneumatic filling, silos are filled by a bulktruck equipped with pneumatic filling system
  • Silo is equipped with a special steel filling pipe and pvc de-aeriation pipe
  • The system is designed to prevent feed de-mixing during filling and to fill the silo to the maximum level
  • Mechanic filling
  • Silo equipped with a remote opening mechanism for opening and closing of the silo roof lid
  • VDL offers the rigid filling auger, optionally available with movable support for multiple silo use
  • Perfectly sealed off for secure storage
  • Feed remains fresh
  • Userfriendly
  • Silo built of galvanised steel corrugated sheets
  • All connections between sheets are double bolted with corrosion resistant material
  • The galvanised sheet reflects sunlight , preventing heat build up in the silo
  • Silo standard including inspection glass
  • Options inspection hatch, side ladder, roofladder and safety cage
Excellence in Feeding